Live Interviews

The Bill Cunningham Show Expert on I Have Sex for Money, Don't Get Mad at Me, Honey! – February 24, 2015

CBS New York News Can Exposing Family Secrets Help The Healing Process? CBS 2's Maurice Dubois
has more. – December 3, 2012

Aol. On. Videos and Huffington Post Live How is Stripping Feminist? – December 7, 2012

The Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda Sheila Hageman models in Mommy Makeover
segment – August 20, 2012

NBC CT News, WVIT Interview with Sheila Hageman about her memoir, Stripping Down – April 11, 2012

CT Style Interview with Sheila Hageman about her memoir, Stripping Down – May 16, 2012

Anderson Sheila Hageman on Anderson Cooper's daytime talkshow – May 14, 2012

The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann Sheila Hageman talks about whether stripping can be
an art – September 17, 2012

AOL and Huff Post Live Community Sound Off Sheila's Pick: Sexual Contracts = Better Sex? Has She Found the 'Key to Better Sex'?: Sheila Hageman claims a small relationship technique will lead to life-changing improvements – and it can work for anyone. Method supposedly reinvigorates marriages – September 19, 2012

Huff Post Live Guest on segment: Topless Feminism: An Oxymoron? – September 29, 2012

Raven in the Morning, WCCC 106.9 FM, The Rock Interview with Sheila Hageman about her memoir, Stripping Down – August 1, 2012

Blog Talk Radio
Pole Skivvies with Jennifer Michelle – February 15, 2012

The All Out Show with Rude Jude & Lord Sear Interview with Rude Jude & Lord Sear – April 25, 2013

Coffee Talk With Soy Interview with Soy – "Is Stripping Really Art: Stripping Down" – March 16, 2013

It Matters Radio Interview about Stripping Down: A Memoir – March 14, 2013

The Kovacs Perspective Interview with Steve Kovacs – January 9, 2013

Broadminded Show Interview with The Broads – January 8, 2013

Moore in the Morning Newstalk 1010 Interview with John Moore – August 20, 2012

State of the Arts, WPKN-FM, 89.5 Peggy Nelson and Richard Pheneger interview with Sheila Hageman – June 22, 2012

It’s Your Life with Tim Brunson, PhD Interview with Sheila Hageman – September 29, 2012

WEBE Radio Where Experiences Become Empowerment with Todd Weaver Interview with
Sheila Hageman; Stripper Mom, Author – October 11, 2012

The Mary Jones Show, The Talk of Connecticut, WDRC Interview with Sheila Hageman – April 3, 2012

Finding Your Supreme Power with Cece and Mark Web Talk Radio, Depression is a Glorious Gift – March 12, 2012

WLW 700 Cincinnati, Ohio Eddie Fingers and Tracy Jones Show – May 8, 2009

Mancow Experience Interview with Sheila Hageman about her memoir, Stripping Down – April 16, 2012


Yahoo Style Quoted in article: How Drastically Body Image Changes From Childhood to Adulthood

Today and CNBC Quoted in article: The cost of loving: That secret affair can run up the bills by Linda Federico-O'Murchu

Fortune Magazine and CNN Featured in article: How to put 'stripper' on your resume, By Vickie Elmer

All Parenting Quoted as yoga expert in article: Should You Bring Your Kids To Yoga?

Ravishly Quoted in article: Should We Judge Women Who Strip Their Way Through College?

Strip Tease Me Please Me Review of The Pole Position: Is Stripping for You? (And How to Stay Healthy Doing It)

The United Families International Blog Quoted in article: Pornography Negatively Impacts All Ages

Women For One Stripping Down: A Memoir recommended as an Inspiring Memoir

Wikipedia Included under Noted Feminist Strippers

It Matters Book review of Stripping Down – "A Book Every Woman Should Read"

Beauty News NYC Interview about body image

The Adaptable (Adopted) Expat Mommy Blog Interview by Laura Dennis: Motherhood, Perfection
and Stripping – Author Interview – February 1, 2013

Madame Noire Can Stripping As A Profession Really Be Empowering For Women? – December 10, 2012

CBS New York News Experts: Revealing Deep, Dark Secrets Can Lead To Healing – December 3, 2012

Max Sports and Fitness Quoted in 7 Life Skills Parents Must Teach Their Children by: Linda Hepler, BSN, RN – October 2012

FOX News Sheila Hageman comments on Jessica Simpson dressing her four-month-old daughter Maxwell in a bikini – September 19, 2012

Alt Variety Magazine Stripper Mom Turned Writer: Sheila Hageman ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ Revealed:
Stripper Mom Spreads a Message of Change – September 6, 2012

Divine Caroline Expert Q&A: How to Have a Better Body Image – Author Interview – August 29, 2012

Huffington Post Leopard's Lounge, Canadian Strip Club, Offers College Tuition To Aspiring
Dancers – Author Interview – September 2, 2012

Market Mommy CT Mommy Monday – Author Interview – September 3, 2012

Mode Interview with Sheila Hageman about her memoir, Stripping Down – August 13, 2012

Glitterword Interview with Sheila Hageman about her memoir, Stripping Down – August 9, 2012

Trumbull Times Trumbull High grad's memoir reveals a life as a stripper, mother and daughter –
June 7, 2012

Arc of a Writer Sheila Hageman Featured – May 15, 2012

Inspire Me Today Daily Inspiration – May 15, 2012

ABC News Stripper Mom Sheila Hageman's Addiction Began With Dad's Porn Chest
By Susan James – March 30, 2012

The Uk’s Daily Mail Anorexia, sex addiction and failed marriages: Mother-of-three who
led double life as a stripper lifts lid on her troubled past, By Olivia Fleming – March 30, 2012

Ballard News-Tribune Reality Mom: Interview with Sheila Hageman. Author of Stripping Down
by Corbin Lewars – March 20, 2012

Seattle PI Reality Mom: Interview with Sheila Hageman. Author of Stripping Down
by Corbin Lewars – March 20, 2012

Taking Flight Blog
Adrian R. Magnuson, Review of Stripping Down - March 21, 2012

Before It's News (Spirituality) Stripper Turned Author, Blogger, Yogini & Super Mom – February 5, 2012

Huffington Post David Moye, Weird Valentine's Day Gift Guide features The Pole Position

Stratford Patch 'Stripping Down': A Memoir about Life, Hurt, Growth
Stratford resident Sheila Hageman tells her story in "Stripping Down."

City Voices' Columnist Graduates With High Honors ...On January 24, 2002 Hunter College held its 184th Commencement Exercises in their Assembly Hall, packed with thousands of onlookers, family and...


Virginia Festival of the Book, Panel member: Memoirs: Living on the Edge Barnes & Noble, Charlottesville, VA – March 24, 2013

Meet-the-Author Stratford Library, Stratford, CT. Wednesday – June 13, 2012

Featured Speaker, “Mommy’s Links” Presents Glam Me Girl’s Night Out A night of glamour focused on women’s empowerment, Brooklyn, NY – May 10, 2012

Poetry Reading for Uphook Press, -gape-seed: A Poetry Anthology RiverRead Books,
Binghamton, NY – October 2011

The Earshot Reading Series
The Lucky Cat, Brooklyn, NY – May 2007